Work experience at Sky Sports in West London

We’re delighted to offer one young person with hemiplegia five days’ work experience with Sky Sports at Sky’s HQ in Isleworth, West London.

The successful applicant will have the opportunity to shadow Tom Roberts, a member of Sky’s Creative Agency in their sports department, creating commercials that go on air to millions of people around the world on multiple platforms.

You can find out more about Tom, who has hemiplegia, in our online HemiHelp Magazine article.

To apply, please fill out the application form below. The deadline for completed application is 30 June 2023.

Your questions answered

What will I learn?

You’ll get an insight into how the biggest creative agency in Europe comes up with ideas conceptually and executes them.

You’ll find out about the process of delivering promos, from collecting and editing assets to getting them ready to put out on air.

When will the work experience take place?

The work experience will take place at a mutually -convenient date and time to be agreed with Tom, Sky and Toms’ manager.

Are there any age restrictions?

This work experience opportunity is restricted to applicants aged 18 and over. Sky may ask whoever shadows Tom to recognise that they are going to be privy to sensitive material and therefore not able to take pictures or take anything home etc.

How will I know if I am successful?

If successful, Contact will notify you shortly after the deadline date. We’ll then put you in touch with Tom at Sky Sports to discuss a mutually convenient start date.

Will I be paid?

The successful applicant will receive £50 per day for expenses, such as travel and lunch costs.

I have a question about this – who can I ask?

Tom would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have. His email is

Alternatively, please feel free to email in our fundraising team at Contact.

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To apply, please answer the questions below.

The deadline for completed application is 30 June 2023.