How to view an e-publication on your smartphone, tablet or Kindle

e-publications are a great way to access information and advice from our factsheets and parent guides.

Even if you don’t yet have an e-reader device, such as a Kindle, you can still view our e-publications on your smartphone and tablet. Here’s what you need to do.

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Adding an e-reader app to your smartphone or tablet

Go to Google Play, the Apple Store or the Microsoft Store and search for an e-reader app. There are plenty of free apps, including Google Play Books, Apple Books, Freda, and Kindle.

Once you’ve downloaded your e-reader app, you can download our e-publications and view them.

Opening an e-publication in an e-reader smartphone app

Sending an e-publication to our e-reader device

If you use an e-reader device, such as a Kindle or Kobo, we recommended searching the internet for instructions on “adding an epub file to [device name].”

It should be quite straightforward. For example, if you have a Kindle, you can an e-publication to your device via the Kindle smartphone app, by email, via an Amazon account or via USB.

Sending an e-publication to your Kindle library

To view the e-publication in the Kindle app, you need to send the e-publication to your Kindle library. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to see the e-publication on any device linked to your account, including any Kindle e-reading devices you own.

Here’s how:



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