Consultancy service

Our consultancy team can help you understand what the families of disabled children you work with really need and help you to co-produce services that will improve their lives.

Our evidence-based methods draw on our extensive experience of working alongside families. We can help you understand the national policy drivers affecting families with disabled children. We can support you to help families make sense of the health, social care and education policies that directly affect them. We know what works to improve the lives of families with disabled children, and we know what doesn't.

We understand the pressures on organisations in a climate of reducing resources and increasing demand for care, so we want you to have the most up-to-date information about the widest range of support available to families.

We can offer:

  • Bespoke intelligence-gathering solutions, such as through focus groups or surveys to aid with service planning and design.
  • Intelligence-led reports, drawing on our knowledge and the interactions we have with thousands of families each month.
  • Advice and facilitation for co-producing services.
  • Direct support from our knowledgeable staff to establish services, such as advice on the establishment and governance of parent carer forums.

Our services are based on the knowledge and expertise gathered from our extensive charitable activities, through which we engage with 160,000 families a year, including over 82,000 through the National Network of Parent Carer Forums, 11,000 calls to our helpline and 12,000 families reached through workshops.

Read a case study of consultancy work we carried out in Jersey.

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