93% approval rating for our online & helpline services

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Friday 6 May 2022

The results of our March 2022 online and helpline services survey are in.

We’re delighted that across all our channels, over 9 out of 10 parent carers are satisfied or highly satisfied with the service they received.

Our online and helpline services includes our online advice and information, our telephone helpline and live chat service, our social media networks and our parent guides and factsheets.

Of the 374 respondents to our survey:

  • 97% are satisfied/very satisfied with our telephone helpline.
  • 91% are satisfied/very satisfied with our social media channels.
  • 95% are satisfied/very satisfied with our website.
  • 86% are satisfied/very satisfied with our live chat service.

“I have looked for advice everywhere, I even sent e-mails to local MP, to the council, GP, school…Contact was the first one who gave me an answer about what my rights are. I am very disappointed that other institutions do not know the law and that is their obligation. Thank you Contact!”

Survey respondent

What matters to us most is that our service makes a difference. So we are pleased that of the same respondents:

  • 96% feel better informed about how to get support.
  • 91% feel more confident.
  • 82% know what their next step will be.

And 97% would recommend Contact to other parent carers.

“Contact has always made a difference to my family ever since I was told about them. Extremely knowledgeable and have helped and told me so much I had no idea about. They are very patient and will answer the same.”

Survey respondent

Find out about all the ways we help families.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our survey. The results will help us demonstrate to our funders why their contribution is so important.