Originally set up in 1991, in 2018 the charity HemiHelp became part of the Contact family.

As well as Contact's resources for raising a child with additional needs, families can access HemiHelp's hemiplegia-specific services.

Our HemiHelp offer

  • You will find lots of information about hemiplegia on our web pages at www.contact.org.uk/hemiplegia
  • The HemiHelp magazine - packed with inspirational and informative stories by and for people living with hemiplegia.
  • Follow our Facebook page www.facebook.com/HemiHelp.
  • HemiHelp's Facebook page and our closed Facebook group, which has over 5,000 members and is a great safe place for parents to share advice and support each other.
  • myhemicheck.hemihelp.org.uk creates a free printable overview of how an individual's hemiplegia affects their daily life - great to give to teachers or employers.  
  • HemiHelp offers a range of online and real-life events and training workshops that allow families to connect with others living with hemiplegia, make new friends and gain new skills.

Find out more about our HemiHelp work by contacting Lizzie Salter at lizzie.salter@contact.org.uk