Appealing to the SEND Tribunal in England: Get advice at our Facebook Q&A on 27 June

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Wednesday 19 June 2024

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Unhappy with the naming of the school or college in your child’s Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan? Maybe your Local Authority has refused to issue an EHC plan or EHC needs assessment request, or you need help starting an appeal and understanding your rights.

The number tribunal appeals has increased significantly over the last few years and parents who call our helpline often have questions about considering mediation before appeal, how to lodge an appeal, the process, and deadlines.

Find out more about your rights to appeal to the SEND Tribunal in England, what sections of an EHC plan you have the right to appeal and how to appeal at our special Q&A session on 27 June between 10-11:30am in our private Facebook group when our parent advisers will be answer your questions.

How to ask your questions about appealing to the SEND Tribunal in England

To take part, you must be a member of our Facebook Group. If you are not a member, simply answer the three membership questions when prompted, and one of our moderators will let you in.

Then, visit our group on 27 June anytime between 10-11:30am to ask your question under our special Q&A post.

The session will be carried out in writing (not a live video). This means you don’t have to stay for the whole duration: just pop your question in the comments, and then come back at a time that suits you to read our reply!

Please note, our helpline education advisers cannot offer legal advice, and the helpline does not offer SEND tribunal representation.

We look forward to you joining us.