Ask your local candidates to stand for disabled children’s rights!

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Tuesday 11 June 2024

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With the General Election just 3 weeks away, now is the time to ask your local parliamentary candidates to pledge their support to unpaid carers and disabled children if elected.

Please share our Roadmap for the next Government with your local parliamentary candidates. We have set up an email to send to your local candidates to make it quick and easy for you. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know who your local candidates are, if you just put your postcode in, our system will email all of those standing for election in your area.

Reduce, Revive, Roll-Out

Disabled children deserve a government that is prepared to think big and to build a society where everyone is given their own best chance to be successful. 

That’s why Contact is calling on the next government to:

  • Reduce waiting times for children’s mental health and NHS community services, diagnosis and help at school and college.
  • Revive disabled children’s social care funding, law and the specialist workforce.
  • Roll out a much-needed increased package of financial support to tackle extra disability, care and energy costs

Contact’s Roadmap for the next government sets out 10 steps create meaningful change for seriously ill and disabled children. Our 10 successful steps include scrapping the carer’s allowance earnings limit, fixing Universal Credit and establishing accountability within the education, health and care system so the rights of disabled children can no longer be ignored without consequences.

Email your local candidates or Tweet your local candidates

Why this matters?

It is very important that as many parliamentary candidates as possible pledge to support the rights of disabled children and commit to pursuing policies that will increase equality for families with disabled children.

The onus should not always be on parents to battle for these services, we have enough on our plates on a daily basis. I want to see the next Government removing barriers to social care and making the process more needs based

Adele, parent carer to Molly

By supporting our action to contact your local parliamentary candidates you are helping to ensure that the rights of disabled children and their families are prioritised by the next government.