Autumn is officially here – and so are sniffles and colds!

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Monday 1 November 2021

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With the clocks turning back yesterday, autumn has officially arrived. The shorter days and longer nights mean that we’ll be spending a lot more time inside with each other over the next few months – something that viruses that cause common coughs and colds love, as it helps them spread from person to person quicker and more easily.

One of the main viruses causing colds and coughs at this time of year is called RSV (or respiratory syncytial virus), and doctors are already seeing a big increase in cases of RSV amongst children across the UK.

It’s a highly infectious virus, and while most children will only experience mild symptoms, it can lead to more serious breathing problems (bronchiolitis) in some — including infants born prematurely or with certain health conditions.

To find out more about RSV and bronchiolitis, make sure to visit our FAQs. You’ll learn what to look out for, how to protect your child, and what to do if your baby or toddler develops more serious problems.

Can you help other families by sharing your story?

We are on the lookout for parents who are willing to share their experiences of caring for an infant or child with an underlying medical condition when winter viruses circulate.

Your story could help other parents recognise the signs and symptoms of RSV, the most common viruses that cause breathing difficulties in very young children.

If you’d be happy shared your story with us – or would like more information about what it entails – please email

Being aware of RSV, alongside getting the flu vaccination and the Covid-19 booster jab, are some of the key ways to protect yourself and the health of your children with disabilities and health conditions so that everyone keeps well this winter.