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Thursday 4 May 2023

Tags: information and advice, parent guides, e-publications

We are delighted to open our new e-publications library containing our five most popular guides for parent carers. We’ll be adding to our e-publication list over the coming months.

One downloaded, you can read our e-pubs even when you are offline.

They are:

How to transfer an e-publication to your e-reader app or device

If you have an e-reader app on your smartphone, it’s as simple as downloading the file from the e-publications page and opening it on your phone.

If you use an e-reader device, such as a Kindle or Kobo, we recommended searching the internet for instructions on “adding an epub file to [device name].” It should be quite straightforward. For example, if you have a Kindle, you can an e-publication to your device via the Kindle smartphone app, by email, via an Amazon account or via USB.

See more instructions, including how to download an e-reader app on your phone.

Why read ebooks?

We hope our e-publications will give you another way to access our information and advice from our factsheets and parent guides.

The benefits of e-publications include:

  • Once downloaded, you don’t need internet data to view them which means you can read our guides whenever and wherever you want.
  • Unlike pdfs or Word docs, e-publications come in a format that changes shape according to the user’s device.
  • You can choose the font and font size, contrast, line spacing, margins and orientation that suits you by updating your device’s settings.  

Help with e-publications

If you’re new to e-publications, visit our page to find out how you can view an e-publication on your smartphone, tablet or Kindle.