Close the loophole campaign update

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Thursday 12 March 2020

We, like many families, are waiting for the judgement in the school transport Court of Appeal case brought by the Drexler family from Leicestershire. They challenged Leicestershire County Council’s decision to remove their daughter Kirsty’s school bus when she turned 16.

We hope that if successful the case could help other families facing charges and cuts because of the school transport loophole.

We do not have a date for when the judgement will be made and can’t even give an estimate at this stage. But we are in close contact with the Drexler family and their solicitors and will let families know as soon as we do when judgement in the case is going to be made.

Impact of loophole felt across England

Following the Appeal Court case, a family from Surrey has begun crowdfunding to finance their own legal challenge. They are concerned about Surrey County Council’s new school transport policy for 16-18 year old disabled children, which many face charges or cuts.

There is a consultation in North Yorkshire on changes to school transport for this age group. The consultation is open until April 19.

We are waiting for Hampshire County Council to publish their new policy for 16-18 year olds following a consultation there. We are in touch with families in the area who are concerned that the changes could leave their children without vital transport.

Contact’s new Close the Loophole research shows:

  • 79% of disabled young people are denied or charged for school transport or face disruptive changes when they turn 16:
    • 63% of disabled young people aged 16-18 are being charged for their school transport
    • 16% are denied school transport or face changes that are not always suitable
  • One in 10 disabled young people are paying over £1000 a year for school transport

Let us know what is happening in your area

If you know of consultations in your area or have any information about school transport for this age group, get in touch. We are trying to build a picture of what is happening across England as we wait for local authorities to publish their school transport policies for sixth form students – the deadline for this is 31 May. Email