DWP pauses recovery of all benefits overpayments, tax credits debts and Social Fund loans

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Monday 6 April 2020

To help low income families during the coronavirus outbreak, the Department for Work and Pensions has announced that it is pausing recovering any benefit overpayments, tax credit debts or social fund loans for a three-month period.

This means that those families who are having amounts deducted from their benefits to pay back debts or loans of this nature should soon see these paused, meaning an increase in the benefit payments they receive.

In the majority of cases these deductions will automatically be suspended. However, if you currently make repayments via a bank standing order, bank giro credit or via online banking, you will need to contact your bank to cancel the existing arrangement.

Recovery of Universal Credit advance payments will still continue as normal.

Remember you can visit our page on coronavirus and families with disabled children, or our page on coronavirus and welfare benefits, for the latest updates.