Energy price cap drop not enough for parents like Samantha

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Friday 23 February 2024

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Energy prices will drop by £238 a year from 1 April for households in England, Scotland and Wales, the energy regulator Ofgem has announced today.

The energy price cap will fall to £1,690 a year from £1,928, the current cap from January-March 2024.

The Ofgem energy price cap is the maximum annual price an energy supplier can charge for average usage on its standard variable rate. Ofgem reviews its energy price cap every three months based on wholesale markets.

It is important to be aware that the cap is not a limit on your energy bill. It is a limit on what the supplier can charge for each unit of energy, so that average usage at that unit rate won’t exceed a given annual cost. If your energy usage is above average, it could exceed the price cap.

A different energy market operates in Northern Ireland. There, an energy price guarantee will remain as a safety net until March 2024.

Disabled households still paying vastly more

While this is good news for many households, it’ll be little comfort to the thousands of families with disabled children who depend on vital medical equipment.

This essential equipment can’t always be turned off. As a result, families with disabled children are punished with far higher average energy costs. This is leading to debt and even health issues.

Mum Samantha is asking the Chancellor to use his Spring Budget to commit to an energy social tariff for families like hers reliant on life-saving electrical equipment. Her energy bills are a staggering £500 per month (three times the UK average). This is because her son Lewis needs electrical equipment, including ventilators, feeding pumps, suction machines, to keep him alive.

Support Samantha’s social tariff demand

Samantha knows she isn’t alone with her money worries. That’s why she has written to the Chancellor with three simple asks:

  • An energy social tariff for families like hers reliant on life-saving electrical equipment.
  • Better support under Universal Credit for disabled young person like Lewis.
  • Cost of living payments for disabled households to help cover their extra costs.

Samantha is calling on families and supporters up and down the country to support her three asks. She says, “together we can make the Chancellor listen”.

Support Samantha today by adding your name.