Energy support for disabled households: Tweet your MP ahead of chancellor’s Spring Statement 

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Monday 21 March 2022

Get involved in our new Out of Energy campaign by joining our ‘Tweetathon’ in the run-up to the Chancellor’s Spring Statement this Wednesday (23 March). 

Simply use our tweet template to remind your MP about the need to help disabled households with their higher energy costs. 

Join #OutofEnergy campaign

We know that families with disabled children already pay £600 extra on energy costs compared to all households, and that’s BEFORE bills soar in April.

This might be due to life-saving equipment powered by electricity or extra washing due to continence issues. Some disabled children are less mobile and get colder quicker. Others have health conditions that mean they can’t regulate their body temperature.

We are asking government and energy companies to develop a range of measures to help families with disabled children with their higher energy bills:

  • We want energy companies to introduce social tariffs for disabled households
  • We want an increase to the Warm Home Discount Scheme, with automatic eligibility for disabled households

Take action and tweet your MP today 

We’ve made tweeting your MP easy – just go to our Take Action page and use our ready-made tweet!  

All you need to do is type in your details and we will automatically identify your MP’s Twitter profile and add it to the tweet template. 

Need help with your utility bills?

There is help available so make sure you are getting everything you are entitled to. 

It is also worth checking our energy-saving tips to see if you can decrease the amount of energy you use

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