Join 4 free online workshops for parent carers of disabled children in Scotland

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Monday 15 August 2022

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We have just announced four free online workshops for parent carers in Scotland covering a range of topics to help support your and your child’s wellbeing, no matter their age. 

Our workshops include: Encouraging Positive BehaviourHelping Your Child SleepParent Carer Wellbeing, and Helping Your Child Manage Their Anxiety

You can join all four sessions or just those that suit your needs. To register, click on the Eventbrite link for each workshop listed below. If you would like a workshop flyer or have any questions, please email

Encouraging Positive Behaviour (22 August, 6.30 – 8.30pm)

For parents and carers who have concerns about the behaviours of their children with additional needs. This session will help you understand the reasons children behave the way they do, learn different strategies to handle difficult situations in a calm manner, and look at ways of supporting your child. 

Visit the Eventbrite website to book your place

Helping Your Child Sleep (24 August, 10am – 12pm)

A child who does not sleep well can affect the whole family. Many children have sleep issues, but this is much more common for children with additional needs no matter their age. This workshop will explore some of the issues around sleep and will look at different ways of supporting your child, raising awareness of the importance of sleep and its effect on the family.   

Visit the Eventbrite website to book your place.

Parent Carer Wellbeing (5 September, 10am – 12pm)

Stress can be a huge factor for families with disabled children and young people. This online workshop will look at what causes you stress and how you cope with it at present, as well as suggest new strategies to manage stress and improve your own wellbeing. You will also have the opportunity to hear other parents’ experiences and share as much or as little of your story as you wish. 

Visit the Eventbrite website to book your place.

Helping Your Child Manage Anxiety (8 September, 10am – 12pm)

This workshop will explore what anxiety is, how to identify its signs, how it can make you feel, and the different types of anxiety a child may experience. We will then cover strategies to help you recognise and manage your child’s anxiety. 

Visit the Eventbrite website to book your place.