Our workshops and information sessions cover a range of topics around caring for your child.

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About our workshops

We’re currently running our workshops as virtual sessions, which take place via Zoom. We do look forward to being able to offer in-person workshops again in the future, once it is appropriate to do so.  

Many of our workshops are tailored to different child age groups, particularly younger children. We also run a series of general workshops appropriate for parents of children of all ages.

We add new workshop dates all the time, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please come back soon.

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Educational support

Understand what support is available for your young child in early years settings in England, including SEND provision and education, health and care (EHC) plans.

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Understanding your child’s behaviour

Gain a better understanding of why young children with additional needs behave the way they do. Learn ways to handle difficult situations in a calm, stress-free manner.

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Growing up, sex and relationships

A workshop for parent carers – exploring how best to support your child with additional needs through puberty and the teenage years.

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Managing your child’s sleep

A workshop for parents of children with additional needs – explore how you can support your child’s sleep.

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Money matters

An overview of benefits, DLA, Carers Allowance, grants available, discounts on utilities, leisure, discounts for carers. If there are no workshops listed, please come back soon as we’re always adding new dates.

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This workshop offers a non-judgemental, confidential space to explore common issues parent carers face with managing the different needs of their children and hear strategies that could help.

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Speech, language and communication

Virtual workshops for parents of children with communication difficulties associated with hearing impairment, language impairment and autism.

We run three versions of this workshop: for early years, primary school and secondary school-age children.

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Support for your child’s anxiety

What are the causes of anxiety and how does it make your child feel? Strategies to help you and your child/ren recognise and manage their anxiety.

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Toilet training

Children with additional needs may not be ready to start toilet training until they are older. This workshop will help you understand when they are ready and how to start.

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Understanding sensory processing

A chance to understand sensory processing and how it impacts on how we feel, behave and learn. Explore strategies to support your family.

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Wellbeing workshops for parent carers

Understand clearly what stress is & how it affects you. Identify new ways of coping with stress & reducing your stress levels. Try new stress busting ideas until you find ones that fit with you!

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We run workshops for parents of children at different age groups. Browse our workshops for families of:

Regional workshops

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Due to funding, some of our workshops are available to parent carers in particular areas. Browse our workshops for:

Rare conditions workshops

We run a range of workshops tailored to families with children who have rare conditions.

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