Keeping your baby or toddler well this autumn and winter

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Thursday 7 October 2021

Tags: cough and colds, bronchiolitis, RSV

A coughing and wheezing baby or toddler is always a worry, but even more so if your child already has a health condition or complex medical needs. 

This year, doctors predict more children than ever in the UK will contract Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV. It’s one of the common viruses that cause coughs and colds in winter. It’s a highly infectious virus and the main cause of breathing difficulties (bronchiolitis) in young children. 

Usually, almost all children are infected with the virus by the time they’re 2 and most will experience mild symptoms. However this year doctors predict that more young children than usual will contract RSV because Covid restrictions are easing and we are mixing more and lots of younger babies and toddlers will not have been exposed to RSV yet.

Our health lead Amanda Elliot has put together some Questions and Answers to help you protect your child from the virus, better understand the symptoms of bronchiolitis and know what to do if you baby or child becomes very unwell with breathing difficulties

Amanda says: “Babies and toddlers are at particular risk from this seasonal respiratory illnesses as Covid-19 restrictions lift and we all start mixing more. For most children a respiratory infection will result in mild symptoms. But some children are more vulnerable to the virus and breathing problems, so it is important to know recognise the symptoms and to look out for more serious problems so you get the help you need for your child.”  

Do you have child aged 3 or under?

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