Learn about winter colds at our Facebook Live event

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Wednesday 16 February 2022

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Most children will recover quickly after catching winter virus RSV (or respiratory syncytial virus).

But some very young children who catch this virus, especially if they have an underlying health condition, will go on to develop a serious breathing problem, which may need hospital treatment.

Join us at our Facebook Live session on 24 February at 11am and find out about respiratory viruses in young children from our guest expert, Dr Martin Samuels, consultant paediatrician at world-renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital.

You’ll find out more about the symptoms you should look out for and learn what to do if your child’s cold develops into something more serious. And of course, you’ll be able to ask Dr Samuels any questions you have too! Don’t miss it!

Make sure you confirm your attendance on our Facebook Event page so you’re alerted when the livestream starts on 24 February.