Meet Imogen, our autism and ADHD fundraising superhero

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Friday 12 July 2024

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This little superhero is Imogen. She is autistic and has ADHD, so sitting still and concentrating was never her strong suit — that is, until she decided to colour in 19 different dinosaur drawings as part of this year’s DinoDay Challenge

On the left, photo of a young girl wearing a green shirt smiling at the camera while holding crayons and colouring in a dinosaur drawing. She has dinosaur toys spread all over her desk. On the right, the young girl is wearing a dinosaur costume and is standing in front of a wall covered in coloured-in dinosaur drawings.

With her crayons on hand and dino toys on guard, the difference was like night and day: Imogen dedicated 110% of her attention to completing the challenge while impressing all of us with her remarkable dinosaur knowledge. It’s not every day that you meet a 4-year-old who can pronounce Spinosaurus!

“Thank you for bringing our little girl out of her shell and making her shine”

Laura, Imogen’s mum

Imogen also managed to raise an amazing £680 through her challenge, joining nearly 400 other kids who together have fundraised a truly incredible £17,900 in support of families with disabled children.

With just 4 days to go until our DinoDay Challenge fundraiser comes to an end, can you help celebrate their achievement by chipping in too?

Your support could help take our fundraiser over the £20,000 mark and make a huge difference to thousands of families who rely on Contact’s life-saving services.

Donating just £15 could already help a struggling family to cover their household bills with the support of our dedicated Family Finance advisers.

Show Imogen and all the children who took part in our DinoDay Challenge that you commend their efforts to help other families by chipping in whatever you can!