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Tuesday 9 November 2021

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If you have a baby or child aged 3 or under then why not join the 250 parent carers who’ve already joined our baby & toddler group and receive the latest important health information for your little ones as we approach winter.

One of the main cold and cough causing viruses usually around at this time of year is called RSV (or respiratory syncytial virus). Doctors are already seeing a big increase in cases of RSV across the UK and while most children will only experience mild cold like symptoms, it can lead to more serious breathing problems (bronchiolitis) in some including children born prematurely or with existing health conditions.  

Join our baby & toddler group and you’ll be the first to hear about the different ways we’ll be making sure you keep your child healthy during the colder months including videos, podcasts and opportunities to join Facebook Q&A sessions.

To find out more about RSV and bronchiolitis visit our FAQs and learn what to look out for, and what to do if serious problems develop in your baby or toddler

Can you share your story and help others?

We recently ran a small focus group with parent carers who had very young children who told us that hearing the experiences of other parent carers through videos and podcasts is the most helpful way of accessing information for them.

That’s why we’re currently on the look out for parents of children with underlying medical conditions able to share their experiences of caring for a very young child when winter viruses hit with others. If you are interested please email Contact’s health lead,