Party manifestos: What’s in it for disabled children?

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Monday 17 June 2024

Tags: General Election 2024, voting

We have now heard from the main political parties on what they will do should they get elected.

We’ve taken just one thing from each of the manifestos that would be a better deal for disabled children, young people and their families:

Conservatives – create 60,000 school places, plus building 15 new schools for disabled children.

Greens – push for mandatory free school transport for 16-18 year old disabled pupils.

Labour – Sir Keir Starmer says his party will hold local authorities to account to improve the services they provide for disabled children.

Liberal Dems – Sir Ed Davey has pledged to be the voice of carers, including reform of Carer’s Allowance and immediately increasing it by £20 a week, expand eligibility and increase how much carers can earn before losing the benefit.

These commitments are all part of our Roadmap for the next government. If you haven’t already, please email your local candidates about disabled children.

Don’t forget to register to vote, deadline tomorrow or get a postal vote by Wednesday 19 June.