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A report commissioned by the Scottish Government and prepared by Susan Walls, Contact’s Head of Programmes Scotland, NI and Wales

An overview of Education, Health and Care plans, and what is included in them.

The first step to getting an Education, Health and Care plan.

Extra help your child may be entitled to at school.

Who is eligible to receive free school meals, and what to do if your child is not receiving them.

How to claim Child Disability Payment – the main benefit for disabled children in Scotland.

The impact of our work and how we supported families in 2021/22.

What to do if your baby or toddler has breathing problems caused by RSV, a virus that causes colds and coughs in winter.

The financial situation of UK families who care for a disabled child (2021).

The impact of our work and how we supported families in 2020/21.

How to make taking your child to hospital appointments and admissions better.

Different types of posters about Contact to use in your setting.

Sample letter if there are not enough childcare places.

Sample letter to request ‘top up’ funding for childcare.

Sample letter if your child is refused childcare.

How Contact can help families with disabled children in Scotland.