Resource Subject: Child behaviour

Practical ideas on how to help your child to sleep better.

Spotting the signs of bullying, the action you can take, your child’s rights, plus tips from other parents.

A list of our guides for parents and professionals.

How to help if you’re concerned about your child’s behaviour.

Why disabled children may have problems with toilet training, plus practical tips and advice to help.

Why disabled children may have problems with feeding/eating with practical ideas on what helps.

This bullying diary is from our ‘Dealing with bullying’ guide. You can fill it in to keep track of any incidents so you can take up the issue with school or others if you’re concerned your child is being bullied.

A description of the roles of professionals who maybe involved in your child’s care.Who can help if you have concerns about your child’s speech, feeding, co-ordination, teeth, toilet training, learning, behaviour or sleep.