Resource Subject: Diagnosis

A list of our guides for parents and professionals.

Information about getting a diagnosis for your child, and how to access help and support when you don’t have one.

Poster showing important milestones in a child’s development.

Why rare conditions are sometimes hard to diagnose, how to access medical information, help and support.

This guide is written for parents and carers whose child has, or might have developmental delay. It explains what is meant by the terms ‘developmental delay’ and ‘global developmental delay’ and includes top tips from parents. The printed version contains a pull-out poster showing important milestones in a child’s development. You can download the poster from our resource library.

A description of the roles of professionals who maybe involved in your child’s care.Who can help if you have concerns about your child’s speech, feeding, co-ordination, teeth, toilet training, learning, behaviour or sleep.