Universal Credit managed migration starts in Northern Ireland

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Thursday 19 October 2023

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The Department for Communities has confirmed that the process of asking existing means tested benefits claimants in Northern Ireland to move onto Universal Credit – known as managed migration – is starting this month.

Initially, this will only apply to claimants who only receive Child Tax Credit or Working Tax Credit and not any other means-tested benefits. The Department for Communities says that it will be randomly selecting ‘tax-credit-only claimants’ and sending them managed migration notices.

This will be happening in all Northern Ireland postcode areas.

What happens after I receive a managed migration notice?

You will not be moved onto Universal Credit automatically – instead, you will need to make a claim. You will be sent a letter telling you that your existing legacy benefits are ending and asking you to claim Universal Credit. This is known as a managed migration notice.

The notice you gives you a deadline by which you need to claim Universal Credit. This is normally at least 3 months from the date of your managed migration notice.

Your legacy benefit payments will stop on the date you claim Universal Credit, or on your deadline day if you haven’t lodged a claim for Universal Credit by then. If you haven’t claimed by your deadline day, you will have a further month within which to claim Universal Credit (although your legacy benefits will have already stopped). This is known as your final deadline.

So long as you claim by your final deadline, you will be eligible for transitional protection payments to make sure that you are no worse off on Universal Credit.

More information about moving onto Universal Credit

You can take a look at our online information for more advice about the Universal Credit managed migration process, or use the Benefits Calculator to see what other benefits you may be eligible for.