Why you should submit a meter reading before price hike hits on 1 October

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Wednesday 28 September 2022

On Saturday 1 October, the energy price cap for an average household will rise to £2,500. This is up 27% from the current cap of £1.971.

It’s a good idea to submit a meter reading before the cap goes up. We’ll explain why below.

What is the energy price cap?

The energy price cap – or energy price guarantee – is the maximum an energy supplier can charge for average usage on its standard variable rate.

It is important to be aware that the cap is not a limit on your energy bill. It is a limit on what the supplier can charge for each unit of energy, so that average usage at that unit rate won’t exceed £2,500. If your energy usage is higher than average, your bill could exceed £2,500.

The higher unit rate means that all effected households will pay more for their energy usage from Saturday.

Who does the cap apply to?

The energy price cap applies to households on a standard variable energy tariff, whether you pay by direct debit, by standard credit or by prepayment meter.

It does not apply to households on a fixed-term tariff or on certain green standard tariffs Ofgem has exempted from the cap.

Why submit a meter reading before Saturday?

If you don’t submit a meter reading, your energy supplier will estimate your usage to work out your next bill.

You don’t want your energy supplier overestimating your usage at the higher energy price coming in this Saturday. If you submit a reading beforehand – and as close to Friday 30 September as you can – you’ll know that your bill is fair.

Citizens Advice has instructions on how to read your gas or electricity meter. Depending on your energy supplier, you can submit a reading through their website, app or over the phone.

What about smart meters?

You don’t need to submit a reading if you have a smart meter, but make sure it’s working properly and sending regular meter readings to your supplier. You can usually check this in your account or bill.

If you’re unsure, take a photo of your meter. This way, you will have the reading saved in case you are charged incorrectly in your next bill.

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