Workshop for London and Midlands parent carers – strategies to help you support your child this summer

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Monday 17 July 2023

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Many disabled children need structure and routine to maintain sensory regulation which helps reduce anxiety and challenging behaviour.  When structure is absent, for example in the summer holidays, disabled children’s needs may increase not just in the home but also upon their return to school. 

Parent carers based in London and the Midlands are invited to join one of our two free online workshops providing you with tips and tools for supporting children with autism during the summer holidays.

The workshops take place between 7-8pm on Tuesday 18 July and 10:30-11:30am on Wednesday 19 July.

Book your free place today. You don’t need a diagnosis for your child in order to attend.

About these workshops

Commissioned by NHS England’s Workforce, Training and Education Team, these workshops are part of the Autism Central Peer Education Programme. This new programme aims to offer families and carers of autistic people high-quality and accessible autism information, education and coaching and is co-delivered by autistic people, families and carers. Contact and Ambitious about Autism are the London and Midlands Regional Hub partners for the programme.