Our values

Our values are inspired by our families

Every single day we’re inspired by the families that we work with and it is our work with families with disabled children that help us live our values.

We put families at the heart of everything we do 

Families with disabled children make us who we are. They drive our decisions. They inspire us to get results and create lasting change. They challenge us and make sure the way we work creates the biggest impact. 

We are approachable and we never judge 

We mean it when we say we’re inclusive. Families can always contact us – it’s in our name and in our nature. And they don’t need to qualify for our support. For every shape and size of family, whatever they need and whatever their child’s disability, we’re here. We guarantee a warm welcome and we’re always positive and respectful.  

We are dependable 

Families with disabled children can rely on us. They can be certain we will deliver on our promises and work in a transparent, accountable way. They can trust us to be by their side. We work in partnership with others to make sure every family can be confident of getting the right support. 

We are determined 

In everything we do, we’re resolute, fearless and ready to challenge. We listen carefully and support families with disabled children to have a powerful voice. We always want to do better, delivering the best possible support for the families who make us what we are.