Caring More Than Most

A quarter of UK parents of disabled children provide an unimaginable 100 plus hours of care every week.  This is the equivalent of working three full-time jobs simultaneously. This will have increased in lockdown.  

This why we're calling on the Chancellor to offer a coronavirus payment to all unpaid carers wherever they live in the UK.  Get involved with our campaign.


These are the findings of our Caring More Than Most report [PDF] (download the executive summary [PDF]), which shows disabled children and their families are at a significant disadvantage in many key aspects of life including their economic situation, health, employment and housing.

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Key findings

Caring More Than Most, conducted with the University of Leeds, finds that:

When compared to non-disabled children, disabled children are:

  • Twice as likely to live in a home where there is no parent in paid work (34% compared to 17%).
  • More likely to live in a lone parent household.
  • More likely to live in a household without a car, in a home without central heating and in overcrowded accommodation.

When compared to other carers, parent carers are:

  • Twice as likely to care for 100+ hours a week (24% compared with 12%).
  • More likely to have financial difficulties (36% compared 21%).
  • More likely to report problems with their own health.

Caring More Than Most highlights a marked and unacceptable difference between the quality of life and opportunities available to disabled children and their families compared to those without disabilities.

What we want

  • The government to plug the £1.5 billion funding gap in disabled children's services that is leading to families caring more than most.   
  • Local authorities and health groups to stop cutting disabled children's services such as short breaks 

What we're doing

  • Our CEO, Amanda Batten, formed and chairs the Disabled Children's Partnership, a growing coalition of more than 60 charities and families. In June 2017 we launch the Secret Life of Us campaign. 
  • The Secret Life of Us campaign is calling on the government to  address this growing crisis in health and social care for disabled children.
  • We are also campaigning to improve financial support and  childcare for disabled children

What you can do

  • We are a charity, and our work to tackle the inequality faced by families with disabled children depends on donations from our generous supporters. Help us stop this never-ending cycle of disadvantage. Make a donation to Contact

Find out more about the Caring More Than Most report on our research page.