Restricted Growth

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Is there support?

Restricted Growth Association (RGA)

Tel: 0300 111 1970

The Association is a Registered Charity in England and Wales No. 261647. It provides information and support to people of restricted growth and their families. The Association provides a network for adults and children throughout the UK, and offers an annual national convention, youth trips, family outings and regional events.  

Group details last reviewed September 2023.

Child Growth Foundation

Tel: 0208 995 0257

The Foundation is a Registered Charity in England and Wales No. 274325. It provides information and support to children and adults with growth related problems, and their families. The conditions supported by the Foundation include Turner Syndrome, Silver Russell Syndrome, Bone Dysplasia, Sotos Syndrome, Premature Sexual Maturity and Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Group details last reviewed September 2023.

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