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Living with a disabled child is a situation that resonates with most people. You don't have to have a disabled child yourself - or even be a parent - to imagine and empathise with the stresses and strains that bringing a disabled child up can add to family life.

To help the thousands of families with disabled children who come to us, we rely on the support of companies and businesses throughout the UK.

The benefits of working with us

A partnership with Contact would help your company demonstrate commitment to a cause which affects hundreds of thousands of people in the UK. We have experience of partnerships of varying sizes across many types of businesses. We can help to:

  • positively connect your business with supporting thousands of families across the UK with disabled children
  • improve staff morale and help team-building
  • enhance a company's image with staff, suppliers, customers and in the local community
  • support your corporate responsibility objectives.

We pride ourselves on working hard to deliver a unique programme for every company and brand - after all, every company is different, as are its staff and its values.

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Find out about how we can help enhance your brand, motivate and inspire your staff. Please or call 020 7608 8731 for more information.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our current corporate partners and supporters

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"As a firm that represents a number of profoundly disabled people, whose lives are often irrevocably changed, we understand the value of non-profit organisations who are able to help them."

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