Shoes and shoe-lacing tips

If your child has hemiplegia, it is important that they have footwear that is practical, comfortable and help keep their affected foot in the best position when they are walking.

Unfortunately, finding suitable footwear is on of the most common problems faced by parent carers of children with hemiplegia as well as adults with the condition too.

You can talk to your child’s physio about any issues you’re having finding appropriate footwear.

We have lots on information on our website about footwear for children with hemiplegia including stockists, different and raised shoes and fastenings.

Adaptive footwear available in our Fledglings shop

Adaptive footwear is designed to provide support, comfort, and ease of use for individuals with various disabilities.

These shoes may feature modifications such as extra-wide openings, Velcro closures, and removable insoles to accommodate different foot sizes and shapes.

Our Fledglings shop includes two popular adaptive footwear brands, Friendly Shoes and Billy Footwear. These shoes are suitable for children with CMT, Splints and other conditions that make footwear difficult to find.

The range includes boots, high tops, low tops, trainers, and black shoes that are perfect for back to school. Sizes range from little kids’ size 10 through to adults.

You’ll also find a range of seem free socks and AFO/KAFO Interface socks in our footwear collection.