Tweaking & adapting computers

Computers are everywhere in our lives: home, school, work and play. Children with hemiplegia may seem to start at a disadvantage, but learning to use computers effectively can help them keep up more easily with classmates and workmates.

At school, for example, using a keyboard can:

Check out our webpage about how using a computer can be made easier for children and adults with hemiplegia including controlling the mouse and keyboard options for single-handed users.

More information and advice

Abilitynet – – whose motto is ‘Adapting Technology – Changing Lives’, works nationwide. It provides assessments, equipment and training to help children with additional needs get the most out of education. Its site has factsheets, skillsheets and free downloadable software.

Cenmac – – works only in London, providing assessments of children, loans of equipment and training, but its website has lots of information, equipment and software recommendations and links that are useful wherever you live.