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As your child gets older, they’ll be entitled to support in different areas of their life. The support they already receive might change as they transition into services for adults.

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Education beyond 16 (England only)

A young person with special educational needs (SEN) may need particular support as they plan for the next stage of their education or for moving into adulthood. The SEN system places particular focus on helping young people above 16 prepare for their future.

If your child gets free transport to school then this could change at 16, while there might be the opportunity for your child to get independent travel training.

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If your son or daughter has health needs, they may be under the care of a paediatrician. This can continue for a short time after your child turns 18, but at some point they will need to transfer to adult health teams.

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Moving into adult services (England only)

Disabled children receiving social care support from children and young people’s services will be transitioned to adult care and support when they turn 18.

In England, the Care Act was introduced in April 2015 to ensure that there is no gap in services when a young person makes this transition.

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