How to set up a Facebook Fundraiser

Thank you for your interest in setting up a Facebook Fundraiser for Contact.

It only takes a couple of minutes to do.

Step 1: The fastest way to set up the fundraiser is using this quick creation link:

If you’re setting the fundraiser up on your mobile then you need to make sure you are logged into Facebook on your mobile web browser first, otherwise you may get an error message. You can also create the fundraiser manually using these instructions.

Step 2: Enter the fundraiser details

Enter the amount of money you would like to raise, along with an end date.

The ‘Why are you raising money?’ section will be pre-filled, but people will be more likely to donate if you add a personal message to this section.

Select your cover image and drag to reposition it if needed.

Step 3: Click Create.

You’ll see a screen pop up where you can invite your friends to donate to your fundraiser, share your fundraiser in your news feed, or donate to the fundraiser yourself. If you’re not ready to do any of those things, click Not now.

Facebook Fundraiser Set Up

Need help?

If you need any assistance setting up your fundraiser, or have any questions about fundraising in general, please get in touch by emailing or calling 020 7608 8786.