£150 disability cost-of-living support payment dates announced

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Tuesday 30 May 2023

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The government has confirmed that disabled children and adults will receive their second £150 disability cost-of-living support payment between 20 June and 4 July this year.

As with last year’s payment, parent carers who have multiple children on disability benefits will get a separate payment for each child. 

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the one-off £150 sum, individuals must have been in receipt of (or have begun an eventually successful claim for) one of these qualifying benefits as of 1 April 2023: 

There is no need to apply. If you’re eligible, you’ll be paid automatically in the same way you usually get your benefit. 

Most people will receive their non-taxable payment between 20 June and 4 July 2023. But your payment may arrive later if, for example, you’re awarded a qualifying benefit at a later date, or if you change the account your benefit is paid into. 

More information on financial support for families

This £150 disability payment forms part of the government’s second round of support payments to help eligible low-income or disabled families with the rising cost of living in 2023/24.

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