Cost of living payments won’t count towards care charges

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Thursday 7 July 2022

Tags: social care, cost of living

Disabled young people and adults paying for social care services won’t see their cost of living payments count towards their costs, the government has confirmed.

Many disabled people aged over 18 make a financial contribution towards the social care services they receive. Local authorities must leave people with a minimum amount of money after applying charges.

Disability charities feared this would see local authorities claim disabled peoples’ cost of living support payments to pay for their care, provided they left them with the minimum. Cost of living payments form part of the government’s support for low-income and disabled households throughout the ongoing energy crisis.

The government has now confirmed that local authorities will not be allowed to do this. Disabled adults will get to keep the support payments they’re eligible for this year. This will be a real relief for families of disabled adults who pay for social care services.

We have lots of information on our website about social care services for disabled children and young people. Children are not usually charged for social care until they reach 18, although legislation in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland – but not Wales – does permit it.