Disabled children’s post-16 education in England: Get advice at Facebook Q&A

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Friday 7 July 2023

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There’s a lot to consider in terms of your disabled child’s future education as they approach 16 – from the next setting they will attend and the SEN support they may need, down to the new legal rights they will have as young people.

To help you understand what your child’s education rights and options are at 16, our SEN advisers are running a special Q&A session for parent carers in England this Thursday (13 July) at 10-11:30am in Contact’s private Facebook Group.

This is a great opportunity for families in England to ask questions and get expert advice from our helpline team about your child’s education rights at 16, including:

Please note that our team cannot offer advice on universities or higher education.

How to take part in the Q&A

To take part in the Q&A, you will have to be a member of our Facebook Group for parent carers. Simply request to join, answer the three membership questions when prompted, and one of our moderators will let you in!

The session will take place in writing (not a video livestream). This means you can stop by our group anytime between 10am and 11:30am on Thursday to ask your question in the comments under our Q&A post. Then, simply come back later at a time that suits you to read our team’s reply.

Can’t make it on 13 July?

If you can’t make the Q&A, don’t worry: all of the questions and answers will remain available to read in our group once the session is finished.

We also have lots of information and advice about your child’s post-16 education rights and options on our website, as well as about SEN support for young people aged 19 to 25.