Good News on Child Trust Funds

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Friday 4 August 2023

Tags: mental capacity, child trust funds, Disabled young people

Last week, we shared news that nearly there are an estimated 1 million teens missing out on savings locked away in their Child Trust Funds.

So we were delighted to hear that Unity Mutual are helping parents access savings in Child Trust Funds on behalf of disabled youngsters who lack mental capacity to manage their money.

Helen from Sheffield got in touch with us to say:

“After reading Contact’s advice about Child Trust Funds, I contacted my son’s provider, Unity Mutual. They asked me to fill out a form and to see a copy f DWP appointee certificate. The whole process took 12 days from start to finish. We can now use some of these savings to get a wheelchair accessible sand table and toys as well as a sensory wall toy which my son will love.”

We’d encourage other parents to do what Helen did and contact their Child Trust Fund provider about accessing savings.

Find your Child Trust Fund provider.

Unity Mutual joins One Family, Foresters, and Columbia Threadneedle who have put in place a scheme that saves families from having to go through the stressful complexity of applying to the Court of Protection to access savings.

Find out more about our Child Trust Fund campaign.

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Speak out about Child Trust Funds

If you have started the Court of Protection process to access a Child Trust Funds and would be willing to talk about your experience to the media, please get in touch with our head of campaigns