Help us make a difference in 2023

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Friday 10 February 2023

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Early each year, we look back on the work we’ve done in the following 12 months and the impact we think we’ve made.

This helps us ensure we’re doing as much as we can to support families with disabled children. And it helps us demonstrate to our generous funders the difference their support makes.

We’ve just finished reviewing our statistics for 2022 and want to share them with you.

Over 4,000 parents attended our events

We ran 449 online and face-to-face workshops, classes and webinars, with total live attendance of 4,323 parent carers and 908 practitioners.

We put on 101 family events with total attendance of 989 children and young people and 1,442 parent carers. This includes our Better Together events, as well as events organised by our London offices and nations teams.

In 2022, our By Your Side project supported 1,054 parents in and out of hospital, including through information stands and coffee mornings.

Over 10,000 helpline calls

Our helpline team responded to 10,512 enquiries. This includes 1,015 benefits enquiries and 366 in-depth call-backs by the Family Finances helpline.

Additionally our teams in the regions, nations, By Your Side and London teams attended to 4,533 enquiries/1:1 appointments. This includes 1,049 Listening Ear appointments.

Our parent carer participation team provided 5,616.74 hours of support.

93% feel better informed after using our services

None of this matters if we’re not making a real difference to families’ wellbeing.

Across all our services in 2022 we collected 3,467 evaluation forms or online feedback at the point-of-service.

These tell us that following use of our services:

  • 93% feel better informed about how to get the support they need.
  • 88% feel more confident.
  • 75% feel less isolated.
  • 76% feel better informed about their rights to benefits and grants.
  • 92% have a better understanding of the ideas and resources that can help support them and their family.
  • 97% would recommend Contact services to others.

Help us continue to change lives in 2023

As a charity, we couldn’t do this work without the generous support of our funders and individual givers.

If you’re able to, please make a donation to help us support even more families in 2023.