Largest energy price hike hits disabled households today

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Friday 1 April 2022

Tags: warm home discount scheme, energy costs, cost of living, ofgem, out of energy, utility bills

The energy price cap, which most families’ bills are now based on, rises by 54% from today, 1 April, resulting in the largest energy price hike ever.

Millions of households will now pay more for their energy use, and we are concerned that the extreme price increases will disproportionately affect families with disabled children.

Amanda Batten, our CEO, said: “We know from our recent research that families with disabled children reliant on life-saving electrical equipment are already paying £600 a year more for their energy. Essential equipment like ventilators, food pumps and hoists, as well as more washing due to continence issues or more heating due to mobility issues, all add up to bigger bills. And for many it would be dangerous to cut back on usage.

“Families are telling us that they are really fearful of the energy price rises happening today. And many report they have already seen their energy bills increased by around £800 in the last year. Some are already cutting back on heating and the use of vital aids.

“We were very disappointed that there was no help set out for disabled households in the Chancellor’s Spring Statement. Disabled households need their benefits uprated in line with inflation. The £200 energy rebate announced in February, should be made a non-repayable grant. And the Warm Home Discount Scheme should be increased and accessible to more disabled households.”

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