Worried about the return to school in England? Listen to our new podcast episode

2 mins read

Thursday 26 August 2021

Tags: Covid-19, education, back to school

We know that some of you may be worried about your child going back to school for many reasons. So as children and families get ready for the start of the autumn term in England, we’ve published a new podcast episode full of information and advice to help you prepare and settle into the new term.

In the episode, our education adviser Michaela talks about preparing for the return to school in England, including the latest government guidance for schools and keeping children safe from Covid-19.

Find out more about what steps schools across all four UK nations are taking to keep pupils safe from Covid-19.

Look at some of our other resources to help parents and children prepare for the new school term.

And if you have a child who is changing schools in September, take at a look at our top tips prepared by a special educational needs teacher and a group of parents to help you navigate changes of school, for example from nursery to primary, or junior to secondary, or if you move and have to start school in another area.

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