School transport concerns in Birmingham and beyond

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Monday 1 July 2024

Tags: school transport, disabled children, Disabled young people

Contact’s helpline and online communities are hearing from families unhappy about their child’s transport package which they have received for the new school year.

In Birmingham some families have received a bus pass in place of their young person’s usual school transport arrangements. While some disabled young people can travel independently, many can’t.

Worried and angry

Anna Bird, Chief Executive at Contact, said: “Families of disabled young people in Birmingham rightly feel worried and angry at having received school bus passes in place of their teenager’s usual school transport package.

“Disabled children and young people are more likely to travel further to school or college and, unlike their non-disabled teens, many can’t use public transport when they turn 16. Being offered unsuitable alternatives when it is not always appropriate could put them at risk.

“We really don’t want to see parents having to give up or reduce hours of work and disabled youngsters not completing their education or training because their transport needs have not been met.

Transport difficulties

School transport is often the difference between coping and crisis for families with disabled children. But through our helpline and our school transport project we know that families in Birmingham are not alone in facing transport difficulties. That is why we will be asking the new government to fix transport for young disabled people.”

There have been many consultations and changes to school transport policies across England over the last few months. Families are finding out now how those changes are going to impact their children and young people in September.  


Contact has information on how to challenge a school transport decision. We also have school transport information including the duties of councils to provide school transport to disabled children and young people and eligibility.