Take action on lack of holiday childcare for disabled children

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Friday 21 July 2023

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Today, our Change Makers Jasmin and Lauran speak out in the Metro newspaper about the lack of holiday clubs for disabled children this summer.

‘Holiday clubs are generally markerted towards children more broadly as opposed to disabled children. It’s generally assumed that all children are the same, and the staff-to-child ratio reflects that.

‘School holidays are really overwhelming and it makes me sad and angry because my daughter is entitled to play. She is entitled to be herself, she is still a child. She’s just a child that has different needs.

Change Maker Lauren shares concerns in Metro Newspaper

Read the full article here: Parents of disabled children can’t find summer childcare | Metro News

The Metro follows on from the launch of our report, Loneliest Summer on BBC News last Friday which showed 9 in 10 families haven’t been able to find any suitable childcare this summer for their disabled children.

Take action on the lack for holiday clubs

In response the Disabled Children’s Partnership have launched a campaign action calling on supporters to write to their councillors calling for more holiday provision for disabled children in their local area. 

An email template has been set up to make taking action quick and easy

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