The little boy behind DinoDay and our successful DLA campaign

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Saturday 19 June 2021

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Our campaign manager Una takes a moment today to remember and celebrate Cameron Mathieson, the little boy behind our successful Stop the DLA Takeaway in Hospital campaign and annual DinoDay fundraiser.

Cameron, who had both Cystic Fibrosis and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, sadly passed away when he was five years old after spending nearly three of those years in hospital.

Every year on 19 June, we celebrate Cameron’s birthday alongside his family with our annual fundraising event, Dinosaur Day, because Cameron loved dinosaurs – his favourite being a green triceratops called Troy.

You can help us celebrate Dinosaur Day by donating to Contact. Just text DINO to 70085 or donate online through our website.

Why was the Stop the DLA Takeaway in Hospital campaign so important?

Contact supported the Mathieson family’s long and ultimately successful landmark legal challenge that went all the way to the Supreme Court in July 2015.

Because of the Mathieson family’s determination, and with the help of our campaign, hundreds of families with the most disabled and poorly children are no longer denied financial help when they need it most.

What have we achieved thanks to Cameron and his family?

A new law was introduced on 29 June 2016 meaning that no child in hospital would have their DLA suspended if they are in hospital for 84 days (or 28 days if aged 16 or 17 on PIP).

In addition, where a child first makes a claim for DLA when they are in hospital, they no longer have to wait until they are discharged home before those payments can start.

This law continues to benefit hundreds of children and families every year and is definitely something to celebrate on Cameron’s birthday.

So if you can, please donate to Contact by texting DINO to 70085 or you can donate online through our website.

Need advice?

Claiming DLA can be tricky, so we are inviting you to a special Q&A over in our closed (private) Facebook group. Join us there on Thursday 24 June between 10am – 12 noon

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