Warm Home Discount Scheme letters sent out

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Wednesday 17 January 2024

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Families in England and Wales should have received letters confirming entitlement for the Warm Home Discount Scheme by early January.

Most families on lower incomes with higher energy costs are eligible for and automatically receive the payment as a £150 deduction from their fuel bill. Unfortunately, due to rule changes in December 2022, suppliers no longer have discretion to offer the discount to families who get disability benefits but no means-tested benefits.

You might receive a letter telling you to call a dedicated helpline to provide further evidence. This is so the government can decide whether or not you qualify.

You can find out more about the scheme on our webpage, Help with fuel bills. You’ll also find advice for families in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Government support for cost of living

And finally, we have up-to-date information on the various government support schemes to help low-income, older and disabled households this year.

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