Health & medical information

Information about medical conditions, diagnosis and health services.

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A-Z medical conditions

Common concerns

Who do I speak to about concerns?

Behaviour that challenges

Helping you and your child sleep

Feeding & eating

Potty & toilet training

Speech, learning and movement

Flu & respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)

Annual health checks

All about diagnosis

Getting a diagnosis

Support when your child does not have a diagnosis

Developmental delay

Advice from other parents

Rare conditions

Finding medical information

About Contact’s medical information

Who sits on the MAP?

How is our medical information checked?

All about genetics

Health services

An introduction to health services

GPs & primary care

Hospitals & community services (secondary care)

Children and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)

Appointment top tips

Feedback and complaints

Hemiplegia support

What is Hemiplegia?

How is hemiplegia treated?

Associated problems

Everyday activities

Support for your family

For professionals