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About Autism Central  

Autism Central is a peer education programme for parents and carers of autistic people that is delivered via 7 regional hubs across the NHS regions of England.  We offer high-quality and easily accessible learning, information and guidance developed by autistic people, parents and carers, with the aid of a dedicated website and learning management system.   

To find out more about Autism Central please visit:  

Survey completion  

It’s essential for Autism Central to receive feedback from parents, carers and personal assistants as this informs the development and growth of the programme.  Completing evaluation surveys is crucial as they allow us to demonstrate the impact of the programme to our funders.  Survey QR codes will appear at the end of every group session and workshop and we encourage all participants to complete these as we want to hear what you think.  All surveys are anonymous and unidentifiable.   Some anonymised data may be shared with the programme funders – National Health Service (England), the Autism Central governance steering group and programme team. 

Quality observations  

To ensure the continued quality and development of Autism Central, we will at times allow observers to participate in sessions.  Observations are necessary to see how the programme is being delivered, highlight good practice which can be shared and identify issues so solutions can be created.  The observers will be from Autistica who quality assure the Autism Central programme.  All visits will be conducted by fieldworkers with lived experience of autism. All information gathered will remain anonymous and unidentifiable.   Anonymised feedback may be quoted and used externally for publicising the benefits of the programme. The programme funders – National Health Service (England), the Autism Central governance steering group and programme team will have sight of this information as it will be used to inform programme development.  

Family Carers, Personal Assistants and PEs will be informed in advance that an observation will take place in their upcoming session.  A reminder will also take place at the start of the session.  If a participant does not wish to be observed, please make themselves known to the peer educator that they do not consent to an observation.  They will need to leave the session before it starts.  All family carers, personal assistants and PEs consent to the observation by participating and remaining in the session.    

Conduct and expectations  

The role of the peer educator is to share knowledge, learning and experience and make access to information, advice and guidance more accessible to participants.    

It’s important FCPAs understand that the workshops, groups and 1:1 session’s are not the same as:  

Appropriate boundaries are used to help participants understand the purpose of the service offer, so it can use the service for its intended purpose and become educated and informed about autism and the support and services available.   

Autism Central peer educators will:  

Autism Central peer educators will not:  

Peer educators are accountable for the way they work. They have a duty to keep others and themselves safe. This is achieved by maintaining a respectful, caring and professional approach to work, by conducting themselves in a way that demonstrates integrity, maturity and good judgement and upholding the values of Autism Central.  

Parents, carers and personal assistants will be asked to adhere to certain behaviours when attending all sessions.  These include:   


All peer educators have a duty to report all safeguarding incidents and concerns, however minor to their hub designated safeguarding lead or safeguarding manager.  Examples of these may include situations where a peer educator is concerned for the wellbeing or welfare of a participant, or has been made aware of a concern for the wellbeing or welfare of other adults or children who are not participating in Autism Central.  All hubs follow an internal safeguarding process which is outlined in their safeguarding policy.   

Each hub supplies Autism Central with anonymised monthly monitoring which records the number of concerns and incidents raised alongside the anonymised theme of the concern.    Visit Contact’s safeguarding web page:

Products and services  

Hubs recruit, train, induct, support and manage a network of peer educators across their regions and coordinate the delivery of:   


In a situation where a concern has been raised where there is risk for material or reputational damage for the programme or the funder, Autism Central may ask for personal data to be shared so Autism Central can be satisfied appropriate actions and resolutions have been concluded.    Visit Contact’s privacy policy web page:

Data protection 

 Visit Contact’s privacy policy web page:

Feedback and suggestions  

Your views are important to us.  We welcome and value any feedback or suggestions that may help to improve the Autism Central programme.  A simple idea can sometimes make all the difference.  We also want to hear if you have any concerns.  You can either contact the hub direct or the programme team on the following links below.