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A monthly gift can make a life-changing difference to families with disabled children.

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Regular giving is spectacular giving!

A monthly gift can truly transform the lives of families with disabled children.

More and more families come to us every year – to join one of our popular workshops, to get a copy of one of our advice guides, to speak to one of our benefits or education experts, or to ask for help when their child is in hospital.

By making a monthly donation, you’ll help us plan our work into the future. Regular gifts provide us with the stability we rely on to deliver services where they’re most needed, for every family.

The workshops increased my confidence and taught me that I’m doing the best I can. I found out so much information about local groups and organisations that could help us. I also made several friends, and we have met up since. I found that, although our children’s issues were different, we had a common understanding, which I really appreciated.

Contact has helped my family with endless issues over the years including helping me understand what benefits we’re entitled to and answering questions I’ve had about my daughter’s education. And we’ve taken part in many workshops, family events and activities organised by Contact. But one of the biggest factors for me has been that Contact has stopped us feeling so alone. We are part of a bigger family who can support each other.

As a full-time carer of three family members, the exhaustion levels I face and the worry on a daily basis, particularly with benefit matters are greatly alleviated by your help. I’m more grateful than I can say for the advice, patience and the support that you give me.

What a difference a gift makes!

Regular giving helps us strategically plan and continue our work with families most in need. Take a look at our numbers to see what a difference your monthly gift could make.


parent carers helped with information, advice and support


attended our workshops, family events & group sessions


feel better informed after receiving support from us


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