A good reason to be kind to yourself if you’re struggling this summer holiday

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Friday 18 August 2023

Tags: listening ear, Support in the holidays

Parent carer Sarah Danby-Cooper cares for her 7-year old son Indiana and works in our wonderful Fledglings team too.

Sarah wanted to share the following with anyone who is finding the long summer break stressful.

“Like many parents out there, there is an inner struggle to showcase on social media that you are taking your child to every possible event and enriching their holidays with museum trips or even vacations abroad. However, for us, this is not always feasible.

“We understand our children, their needs, and how unfamiliar places that are overcrowded with other families can be overwhelming for them. It’s alright to feel disheartened, but the reality is, we know our children best.

“It’s perfectly fine to stay at home and enjoy playing board games or watching videos on iPads. We know what makes our children happy, and social media can often be deceiving. Remember, no one posts pictures of doing the dishes or lounging on the couch watching TV, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen every day! Be kind to yourself and know that you have everything under control.”

Support for you this summer

If you are finding the summer break difficult why not book a confidential chat with one of the parent carers on our Listening Ear team for practical advice, emotional support and a chance to vent.

Take a look at our tips for surviving the summer holidays.

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