Contact calls for energy bills social tariff

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Tuesday 17 January 2023

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Contact has joined 95 other charities calling for a discount on energy prices for households on means-tested benefits, disability benefits and Carer’s Allowance.

More than half of families responding to our Out of Energy research told us that we should campaign for an energy social tariff.

That’s why we have signed today’s open letter to the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt MP, calling for the initiative.

You can read the full letter online.

The Chancellor must do more to help disabled households

Una Summerson, Head of Campaigns at Contact, said:

“We are deeply concerned that further energy price rises and a withdrawal of the £400 energy discount from April 2023 will have dire consequences for many families with seriously ill children.

More than a third are already cutting back on life-saving electrical equipment or getting into debt to keep the heating on.

“We, together with other charities, urge the Chancellor to do more to help disabled households. This includes consulting on social tariffs as soon as possible.”

What is a social tariff?

A social tariff is a targeted discount energy deal for qualifying consumers. It is a safety net for eligible households who might be struggling to afford their bills. It is typically below the price of the cheapest available energy tariff and targeted at those living in fuel poverty or on a low income.

Many broadband providers offer social tariffs for households on certain welfare benefits, such as Universal Credit.

What else is Contact doing?

Our research of 3,893 families with disabled children, exclusively revealed on Channel 4 News, found that households with seriously ill and disabled children are paying on average £1,596 extra a year to run vital equipment.

That’s why we are calling for an energy assistance payment for families of seriously ill and disabled children. This is to cover the cost of running lifesaving medical and disability equipment.

What you can do

We’re still asking supporters to email their MP calling for targetted energy bill support for disabled households.

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